if you don't step forward, you're always in the same place.

Sunday, July 31, 2011

Nakakatampo naman.

sunday rest.

off to salon with my twin sister, sis lui and my loving mom. haha! its a complete sunday rest fr us. :)


i miss you daddyo!

last night i finally had a chance to talk with my dad! (thanks to skype) yehaay! i was soo down all week because the last time he was online, i was in my deep peaceful sleep haha! i got tired from my wholeday class nd lab that day. :( but lastnight i was wide awake! and booom! hello daddyo!

he was sooo-soo kulit he showed me his house in new jersey and he's borders and everything! he even ate his lunch with us! aww :(( i really cried after that.

also! i set a 3-way videocall with dad nd my sister but too bad my sis tina was at her office doing her partime, so we ddnt talk much with her :) (Nextime!) and even dad's sermons never fail to xtal, haha i miss him doing that.

waaahhh!! thank god he never fails to guide my dad :(
love you papa! i miss you. we'll be together soon. promise!
after my graduation ill go to phoebes then il pay you a visit too! i will do that! time.

Saturday, July 30, 2011



like who doesnt know beatles right??

here's a fav from my number one band of the century. :]

"I’ve just seen a face
I can’t forgot the time or place
where we’ve met,
she’s just the girl for me
and I want the all the world to see we’ve met
had it been another day I might have looked the other way
And I’d had never been aware
But as it is I’ll dream of her tonight
Fallen yes I have fallen and she keeps calling me back again”

i call it "BEATLECEPTION" because they are just not awesome. but waaay too AWESOOOOOME! :D i bought their 3 albums which by the way cost me a fortune daammn. :[ but worth it haha! :D soo disappointed when the band went from awesome beatles to beatles NO-MORE :[

still i love them all.
John Lennon
Paul McCartney
George Harrison
Ringo Star


Longest word.


ⓖⓞ ⓐⓦⓐⓨ


her opinion matters.

Ok, I’m sick and tired of people being like
“Omg that zombie guy is soo cool.”
and girls being like
“He needs to marry me.”
No, I’m sorry but before that guy was on Lady Gaga’s video everyone looked at him as if he was one big freak because of his tattoos.

The second Lady Gaga puts him in her video everyone is like OMG HE’S SO UNIQUE, blah blah blah. No, I knew about that guy before the whole Lady Gaga thing and all the comments I saw online were things like

“He’s going to regret it”

“What an idiot” Things like that.

I bet if he hadn’t even been in that video no one would care about him and people would still view him as some

“Weirdo who tattooed himself as a zombie.”

So everyone needs to stfu.

Think about it.

- anonymous

i believe in this one. BIGTIME!

zombie guy

Rick genest. a.k.a the zombie guy.
- is now Thierry Mugler’s latest muse and star of Lady Gaga’s music video for Born This Way. Smothered in tattoos that celebrate the decomposition of the human body

taking baby steps..

i wanna be in aussie in right now, staying with her family feels like im at home too. :(
i wanna rush myself to graduate and fly to australia with my twin sister and boom. nothing more nothing less.
let's take it from there. then i'll be living my life there and be a successful one. then after i dunno. go with the flow of life i guess? :)
but before making that happen..

ill be finishing my set plan for now. i set my goals too high to almost impossble to attain. so that a perfect distraction wouldn't just tear that set plan off. :)

taking baby steps now. :)


"MIGRAINE!" - a migraine headache is form vascular headache. caused by vasodilatation (enlargement of blood vessels)...

yeah yeah. okay. i have this migraine since i was 11 or like 12. i dunno but it feels like i have this inborn. haha. i was just wondering, does migraine strike hard when your gettin older? i was experiencing it lately like massive headaches which almost rates to 9 out of 10 massive pain in my head. t'was like dying in headache.

i keep on having pain killers but if i keep on taking them i'll be having side effects sooner or later. bad idea. haaay. pesteng ulo to.

Friday, July 29, 2011

Thursday, July 28, 2011



dream room.

i wanna have this kinda room style. in the attic, wooden floors and ceilings and walls with a small window-pale for me and my twin sister. :D

pretty isn't? i wanna add some wood paintings or carvings with a small table on the side. and small sofa or couch for us two. a small lamp by a bedside table. i love to read and write.

just a perfect dream room.


This is what im

1. my loads of Math classes. (and when i say math? i mean. deep thinking of numbers shutthehellup kinda thing)

2. Master's chef series (etc and 2nd avenue channel, i always rush myself to go home just to make in time for master chef series ahaha! i love their food genres)

3. PHOTOGRAPHY. (like who doesnt love photography right? hahaha. before were just ignoring those slrs but now i couldnt live the house without my lomo cam and the eos)

4.Fashion world (models,styles,fashion trends, events - these are making me caruuuyzy! miranda kerr you rock!)

5. BLOG this BLOG that. (now that no one is stopping me to express anything in the world wide web. i must say.. i build my world around blogging than building it with worthless skanks)

6.FRIENDS, GOD, FAMILY. (i appreciate everyone and everything now. as clearly as i see them. :) and im thankful for that)

i kinda wanna sorta desperately rushing myself up, to graduate as fast as i could to go to aussie and be with my bestfriedn phoebe and her family, and im gonna start what i gave plan myself haha! *wink)

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


you might wanna take a look at my other blogs and site. well if you do, im just one click away! Click! click! :D


meet our new dog borgy. that sad pug face is just soo cute! <3
he is always hungry and shy and timid. and evrything that is just awesome!




they dont really know that we only have 9weeks to finish a semesters lessons.
and by canceling a day on it. we know have to deal to those lessons we miss. NICE goodluck on that.

now it will be 3x more faster lectures in mapua. dammmnit! :[

"ispin ko palang sumsabog na ulo ko."


Now were on to our 6th day of my bigbro's madness ahhaha! :D
he actually look thinner from the 3rd day than this one.
hahaha! :D

he is really into something.
desperately wants to be fit.
his gym routine is like every other day. 3x a week and 1 day rest of course.

well ill salute you on that. :D


Monday, July 25, 2011


Its not just the rain that woke me up today, im afraid there is also some thunder screaming around our roof that woke me up this moring.

well i hope i could go to school safe and dry, haha!

i love the rain. i love how i brew my coffee and smell it with a good scent.
with a pancake or banana bread, and a warm blanket. theres nothing else i could possibly ask for. well maybe there is.. but i can just think about it and enjoy my smooth relaxing morning. :)

and oh. i have a class at 10.30 so yeaah. BITIN!


Sunday, July 24, 2011


This is my bigbro.

NAME: Christian San jose Adrales
A.K.A: kulot/piggy/afro
height: 5'8 tall
weight: nevermind
Degree program: Rad-tech

GOAL: to get fit within whatever months it may take. (haha!)

this the 3rd day since he started working out in the gym. well regardless to say, t'was way worst before he started out (peace!)

let's see how far will he take to be fit.

KFC Ad - Love is forever

This made me cry. :( aww. so sweet :(
love is forever.

"how wonderful life is, when your in the world"

i was with ghada and odette strolling around the mall and do some window shop,
first went to lay bare to wax out,
then ate lunch at fastfood desserts on dq blah blah!

now heres the thrill:
ghada's suitor was following us LITERALLY like stalking. hahaaha!!
we were like being chased out by him so there start the running and hiding.
went hiding finally @ cafe dunkin then spent the whole time there :]

we are about to get home when we say that almost half the stores are on sale so there goes the window shopping.

i was stunned by this starred satin blouse so i went home with this shirt. YIPEE! :]

Friday, July 22, 2011

have a safe trip Yhang!

Cheers to yhang!


This is what happened last thursday. :]

DUDES nightout.
thursday - july 21 2011.

to sum it up..

- meet up 7.30pm @ taft.

- dine @ sex taft.

- walkathon to harbour square.

- met the sales talker guy who speaks like a rapper. hahaha! :D

- cheers to yhang!

- catch up stories and sharing kwentos.

- coffee after getting wasted.

thank you yhang for being such a nice person to us, you made us happy specially to pams. we love ya too.

thank you!
have a safe trip and we'll be looking forward to see you sooner or later after a year. :)



Iam Very disappointed to those people i have done great things and eventually forget it like its no big deal.

this is a very crucial world. people will try to reverse the psychological fact just to make them look good on others. *clap clap!
now i know why the nicest people turns to be a loser. 'because they're too generous and stupid. and nice.

sometimes you don't need defense mechanism. people will always have something to say to you.
it is on you to believe

they don't deserve any word from me. they will gain nothing from that. i just hope they're happy doing those things.

Goodmorning! :)

by Eric Petson

Joseph Vincent - If You Stay [Lyrics]

what i love about joseph vincent ahahahahaa. :]
"Sa panaginip na lang kaya kita maisasayaw..."

- ang huling el bimbo.


best day with shimari.

shimari moreno - architecture student batch 09.
and yes im more prior than she is.

all day we spent time together - well not really that hangout, but i guess almost though?
it'll started when i ask her a copy of our homework in math class, she gladly helped me out immediately. saying if i could give my first lab exp paper to her it'll be much more awesome haha.

so heres the summary:
- school meet up by 10am.
- lunch @ cafeteria til 11.20
- lib. working on paperworks. plus kwentos nonstop! (fav part)
- off to our class 12-1.30pm (actually were late because we cant stop sharing stories in the lb ahhaha!)
- went home the same route them home home. haha.

i had a really had fun with her. i think i like her to be my friend. i finally know why girlsfriends are alot better than guyfriends.
im usually with my guy friends but this time i felt like i dunno. some bonding with the girls haha. :]

p.s: i like her bag too yehaau! she a sure fashionista too.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


why why why?? :)

Shoot it.


i wanna watch all of this!! :((

Monday, July 18, 2011

these two are my favorite cats of glee project how i wish they could go all the way down to the glee series. :( Damian is so mysterious his voice could sum up josh groban + az. he has this amazing eyes too. while Cameron has this unique personality that is really really uptight in himself. :]

i always watch that glee project and i can say that they're more cooler than the first one.


Of the thousands of known comets in the solar system, Halley's comet is one of some 200 that are periodic. Halley's comet orbits Earth every 76 years; the next flyby will occur in 2061.


Asteroid and Comet Photos, Constellation Photos -- National Geographic

Asteroid and Comet Photos, Constellation Photos -- National Geographic

hello straight!

farewell my long curly locks. my mom wants to cut my hair and straighten it. it didn't take a second for me to answer back when she ask if i wantd to rebond it. "OF COURSE MOM! iwantedtoo!!!!" hahaha!i don't usually care even if my hair looks like a dead tree branch cause whatever i do it'll be messy when im in school.

Sunday, July 17, 2011


"My heart is and Always has been yours."

- Edward Ferris, (from Prada to Nada)


after watching the PRADA TO NADA (2011) movie. i was soo quivering and acting soo childish when this guy. who happens to play the role of Edward Ferris (nicholas d'agosto), caught my eye and then instantly i was stunned by then.

you see? who's not gonna fall for this guy? oh sweet jesus! he's soo freaking mansome! i mean. what the hell! <3 geeewwwwkk!!! HAAHAHAH!! :D

he and camilla belle had the most sweetest pair up in any flicks iv'ed watched! the chemistry of a something i-dunno-what-its-called but is really really great! :D

i love this film! BIGTIME!

I wanna have my own edward ferris too :(
oh come on! i always fell for that stare in every stare of a handsome guy with a deep meaningful eyes. haha! so if that killer glance didn't caught me. well nahhh uh.

Saturday, July 16, 2011


watch the Today show at Talk tv channel and you will get to see Chris Brown! dancing his moves and being soo Goddammnt awesome! even if he is soo tired and drained already he still has the moves. im gonna tell ya this Dude has the great ance moves so better teach me how to dougie haha!

@ talk tv channel. watch it now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my big sister LUI!

iam wishing you my bigsister everything in this world that god may bless you with such happiness that you won't even imagine that will be seen through simple thigns.

iam always here for you.


- my sister lui is celebrating now her 29th birthday. :)

what a tiring day with this two buddies.

my twin sister (wearing a clinical uniform) and Salima (long sleeves polo) had been bossing me around this day. iam even late in my first class just to fix my twin sister's barangay clearance and "sedula" that she needed in exactly 2pm ths day, i was so pissed and mad almost running out of patience when she keeps nagging me.

and then i cut nd missed my laboratory class at mapua just to give this clearance shit to my sister's instructor C.I she was waiting for me at the Manila Doctors hospital with salima. i was rushing up soo bad that i dnnt mind missing my lab class.

and when i got there i found out she wouldnt need it now, she can just pass it up on monday nextweek. DAMNNHELL RIGHT??



ooh this guy is soo freaking hot. that even if my fingers touchd his skin it might get burned by his hotness! AWESOME GUY!

he said in his tweet:

Friday, July 15, 2011


I was deleting some of my old files while i saw this draft in my folder. i still remember when i was in the builder newspaper in my school. i was a writer. But i haven't submitted anything that is completely worth reading.

ONE (still i haven't figure out what title would

This is the thing I hate the most. Running. When everything doesn’t turn to their rightful places you’ll end up being frightened and feared that it takes you to the point where there is no escape but to run like the hurried cheetah.
That’s what my life is about i have this tiny little issue when it comes to self- esteem. If I would even rate myself I’ll be in the bottom rank most probably.

i remember a song. one of hayley williams;
"And I've always lived like this, Keeping a comfortable distance And up until now I had sworn to myself that I'm content with loneliness. Because none of it was ever worth the risk."

i was so stunned by the way she forms her thoughts and deep intellectual writings. and then i realized we were analogous. well not precisely but of the same manner of how deep we express our lives in mostly parallel of it.

anyways. haha.


Kailangang mabawasan ng pogi sa pinas!

daammn funny. idk if this is true or what. but it really is funny.
what the hell is wrong in this country. :|


i miss that shitzu dog. :[

What's your honest opinion of me? (If you're brave you'll press ask followers)

kewl. :]

Shoot it.

Why do gorillas have big nostrils?haha

because they are huge they need a big nose to breath?? hahaha lol.

Shoot it.

If you had access to a time machine, where and when would be the first place you travel to?

in phoebe's place. :)

Shoot it.


"HIS online. i just couldnt resist quivering! my goodness!! <3 haha!"

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Philippine Gecko.

TUKO (Gecko) worth a 100k?

oh come on.
some peeps believe that its tongue can cue aids. and that its meat is an aphrodisiac.

well i still don't believe thou.


i dunno whats wrong in my sleep.
i keep on dreaming the same dream. and that same person over and over again.
please! please! i want some peace. :(

i dont wnna mess up again. not worth trying.


"Take your time. Think a lot, think of everything you've got for you they're still be here tomorrow but your dreams may not."


craving for this.


the Food Blog that gets you updated haha! :]


"Baby JC"

- this kiddo is soo hyper when i accidentally stepped on his foot while i was with my bigbro and twin sister at the mall. rebooting their phones busy as they are i was waiting for them in the counter then this kid is soo loud shouting and laughing around. hahaha. he was so attentive.

And i was so awed. and enjoying his annoying moves. he treats me like his sister too. i remember he said "ate wait. i'll go lang kay granny po!"

napaka bait na baby. aww. i miss him already now. hmpfht. :(

The most inventive cupcakes


- What says “yum” like two desserts in one? This creation is made up of vanilla cupcakes, blue icing and blue-dyed desiccated coconut to give Cookie Monster his puppet-like face. Just add the signature cookie in his mouth to round it out. Move over kids—nothing tempts adults like edible nostalgia.

- It takes a true “Glee” fan to come up with a cupcake to honor Fox’s hit TV show. Or any red-blooded American who’s been hooked on slushies and 7-Eleven since they were a kid. Just start with some basic cupcakes, add colored icing, colored sugar, a Twizzler for the straw, and you’re all set.

- We’re not sure what sort of person finds culinary inspiration in a toilet, but we have to admit, this is pretty impressive. And since most of us have hung our heads inside a bowl on a Sunday morning, the thought of eating one isn’t that far-fetched.

- It’s official: Apple has taken over the world. When iPhone apps become things we want to eat, it sure feels that way. This recipe uses plain chocolate cupcakes with grey icing and fondant to create each signature app. These puppies won the 2008 Cupcake Decorating Championship

With icing and patience, it’s possible to put anything on a cupcake. And with their round faces, the “South Park” kids fit perfectly on a cupcake. Keep an eye on the Cartman cupcake. It might eat itself.